This is a project powered entirely by LOVE for Philippine marginalized indigenous groups, and a multi-disciplinary approach to technology in giving our tribes a global voice. 
Batak Craft is a community-driven effort to save the vanishing Batak Tribe of Palawan, Philippines by providing them a sustainable, culturally-rooted livelihood, so that they can transition successfully into the new economy. 

To raise global awareness on the Batak’s extinction issue, I’ve created an online campaign from scratch: 

Brand Development
Logo / Calling Card / Letterhead / Cover Pages 

Web Design
Copywriting / Photography / Crowdfunding Campaign Landing Page / Online Store 

Social Media Marketing
Audio-Video Production / Social Media Campaigning (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) / MailChimp Newsletter Communications
Brand Development 

Reminiscent of the Batak’s hunter-gatherer origins, I’ve designed the logo with an arrow piercing through a circular brush stroke.
The arrow represents Batak Craft’s progressive approach towards indigenous transitions–ending the vicious cycle of poverty and extinction among ethnic groups who fail to adapt to the fast-changing economy. The circle is also a symbol of sustainability to drive our progress.
Web Design and Development
There are two Batak Craft Websites: 
2. Online Store  

These are separated to ensure at least one website is running in the event that the web hosting server is down.
My passion for literature, familiarity with Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and continuous self-education in powerful copywriting – all helped me create a communication style that’s optimistic, honest, informative, and solutions-oriented

Having a close relationship with the Batak Tribe has enabled me to capture candid moments (that I otherwise won’t have access to if I didn’t build a relationship with them first).

Social Media Marketing
To ensure the world gets the best learning and shopping experience from my campaign websites, I use multimedia to communicate. That includes recording voice-over clips with a high-quality recorder, and capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments through video. I then combine the two to deliver a powerful message. 

Audio & Video Production
Social Media Management
Wherever Batak Craft goes, so do the little design details that make the brand stick. This ensures that I have a consistent brand identity across different social media platforms. 
Check out our Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Youtube channel. Or follow me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes action. 
MailChimp Newsletter Communication
Batak Craft carries the brand over to MailChimp to communicate with donors and subscribers who want to be part the Batak Craft journey.
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