Prama Analysis: PraAna App (Beta)
PraAna helps you get a big picture view of how your time-spending habits ultimately affect your overall Physical, Mental, and Spiritual balance.​​​​​​​
When you use PraAna, you are aware of how much time you’re spending on any of the three spheres of life, and can then make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve Prama, the state of balance. When you focus on just one sphere and neglect the others, or spend too much time on activities that don’t make you happy nor contribute to your growth–you descend into the three stages of degradation: Stage 1: Derangement, Stage 2: Disruption, and then finally, Stage 3: Degeneration. 
Use PraAna to:
1. Train yourself to be mindful of how you spend your time.
2. Gain more insight in your habits and patterns; and
3. Make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve a balanced, fulfilling life.

PraAna Profile Sketches
PraAna is currently in Beta. Head over to the website to learn more, or to sign up for Beta Testing.
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